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aastha ortho derma centre  20-137896
adwithi medicals,  20-204817
air water india private lim  20B-204816
apothecare wellness  20-204807
aruna medical and general s  20-204837
avyukt pharmaceuticals  20B-KA/BNGI/20B/1326
b l n medicals and general   20-204793
best care medicals  20-204781
bharathi medical and gene  20-141044
biligiri medical and gen  20-141042
caregenic medical services   20B-204813
d k enterprises  20B-204805
healers bioscience private   20B-143449
hill blooms health care  20-204789
janata aushadi kendra  20-204821
jeeva pharma  20B-204783
k p pharma and general stor  20-204791
kumar medicals & general st  ---
m/s achyuth medicals  20-204787
m/s govardhan medicals  20-204811
m/s jai hanuman medical and  20-204795
m/s reliance retail limited  20-204843
m/s reliance retail limited  20-204845
m/s shree banashankari medi  20-204801
m/s. jai hanuman medical an  20-204799
m/s. lakshmi ranganatha med  20-BNG2/1411
m/s.rajshri pharma  20B-204833
maak international  20B-204803
naksh medical and general s  20-204819
new bajal medicals,  20-138955
new bhagyalaxmi medical and  20-KA/DWR/20/1441
new bharath medical & gener  ---
new vedant medical and gene  20-204827
om sai medical and general   20-164890
omkar pharma  20-140942
pradhan mantri bharatiya ja  20-204785
rajshri pharma  20B-204835
ramdev medical and pharma  ---
rising pharma  20B-204825
sai thunga health care phar  20F-204815
sameer medical distributors  20-204775
shilpa medicals  20-141099
shree basaveshwar medical &  ---
shree basaveshwar medical &  20-140781
shree medicals  20-141002
shree shakthi medicals & ge  20-141079
shree surgicals and medical  20-204841
shri bail basaveshwar medic  20-204823
shri prabhu medical and gen  20-139789
siddalingeshwara medical an  20-204831
sreenidhi agencies  20B-141554
sri sushrutha surgicals  20B-204829
sri parvathi pharma  20B-140886
sri balaji medicals  20-204797
sri gowri pharma  ---
sri lalithamba medicals  ---
sri male mahadeswara medic  20-140461
sri rama medicals  ---
sri ramajayam medicals and   20-133800
sri siddalingeshwar medical  20-204847
sri yalaguresh medical and   20-204779
sumith medical and general  20-KA/HVR/559
triovex pharmaceuticals  ---
unnati enterprises  20B-204839
vasudev pharma unit of vasu  20-134499
vijeth medical stores  ---
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To strive for pharmaceutical excellence and health for all by ensuring the availability of safe, effective and quality drugs and Cosmetics to the public and to endeavor to empower our Drugs Control Department, Karnataka as one of the best regulatory agency in the Country and pool into all sincere efforts to place State of Karnataka on the global map as one of the best drugs regulatory institution.


The Mission of the Drugs Control Department, Karnataka is to protect the public health by effectively and efficiently supporting the Health Care Quality Section and the Environmental and Consumer Safety Section in their regulatory activities.

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