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amar distributors  20B-228803
anunag enterprises  20B-KABNGIV20B/288
anup general agencies  20B-228817
apollo pharmacy unit of ap  20-228731
balaji medical and general   20-228768
bhavani medical and general  20-228793
chitra medical and general   20-KA/SMG/510
elegant drugs pvt. ltd.  20B-KA/DWR/20B/973
fortis hospitals limited  20B-156864
goundi medical and general   ---
haramain pharmaceutical dis  20B-155270
jai bhavani medical stores  20-228735
janasanjivini generic drug   20-154892
js medical & general stores  20-228791
kangaroo care (a unit of su  20B-228761
life line medical stores  20-105934
m j pharmaceuticals  20B-228805
m.d. medicals  20-228811
m/s ambika medical and gene  ---
m/s men and medi solutions   ---
m/s parichay medicals  20-156726
m/s. charaka medical and ge  20-228778
m/s. janasev aushadhi kendr  20-228797
m/s. lakshmi medicals & gen  ---
m/s. patil vet pharma,  20-228799
m/s. r.k. medical and gener  20-157787
manca medicines (a unit of   20-228801
manipal northside hos,o.p.   20-106381
maruthi medicals  20-KABNGIV/U/188
medizan homeo store  20C-228745
medplus (unit of optival he  20-228776
medplus (unit of optival he  20-228780
medplus (unit of optival he  20-228782
neonatal innovations  20B-228819
new sharnu veereshwar medic  20-228743
omkar medical and general s  20-228746
paramashivam pharma  20-105754
pn ivf access trading pvt l  ---
popular medicals  20-228770
pradhan mantri bharatiya ja  20-156581
pradhan mantri bhartiya jan  20-228766
pradhan mantri bhartiya jan  20-228809
radheya pharma  20B-228739
rajlakshami medical and gen  20-228774
ravi medicals and general s  20-156908
rk pharma  20-228807
s.l.n medical agencies  20B-KA/KLR/56
sayre therapeutics pvt ltd  20B-157027
semnani waseem medicals  20-228815
shree medicals and general  ---
shree sangameshwar medical   20-228786
shree shankara medicals  20-228737
shri durga medicals  20-228748
shri siddharoodha medical a  20-228772
sky pharma  20B-228741
soni medical and general st  20-228813
sree saanvi medicals and ge  20-155864
sri jayadeva institute of c  20-228758
sri kalabhairava medical an  20-228729
sri lakshmi medicals  20-KABNG3/20/1288
sri lakshmi venkateshwara m  ---
sri mahadeshwara medical an  ---
sri manikprabhu medical and  ---
sri manikprabhu medical and  20-156249
sri murugan medical stores  20-MYM/20/549
sri raghavendra medicals &   20-156956
sri ranganatha medicals and  20-228784
sri vinayaka medicals  20-228795
tejes medical and general s  20-155617
trust chemists and druggist  20-228788
unilight pharma  20B-228756
veerbhadeshwar medical stor  20-228733
vistara medicals  20-228764
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To strive for pharmaceutical excellence and health for all by ensuring the availability of safe, effective and quality drugs and Cosmetics to the public and to endeavor to empower our Drugs Control Department, Karnataka as one of the best regulatory agency in the Country and pool into all sincere efforts to place State of Karnataka on the global map as one of the best drugs regulatory institution.


The Mission of the Drugs Control Department, Karnataka is to protect the public health by effectively and efficiently supporting the Health Care Quality Section and the Environmental and Consumer Safety Section in their regulatory activities.

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