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ahmed medical and general s  20-226769
akshay pharma  20B-226793
annapurna medicals and gene  20-106904
apollo pharmacy unit of ap  20-226759
apollo pharmacy unit of ap  20-226767
apollo pharmacy unit of ap  20-226785
apsara medical and general   20-226783
basavashree medical and gen  20-KA/RCR/768
basavashree medicalagencies  20-226779
caree fertility pharma  20-156089
chirag pharma  20B-KA/MDY/20B-152
dhanvantari medical shop  20-226787
m/s k.g.n.pharma  20B-154621
m/s new anugrah medical &   20-226765
m/s pradhan mantri bhartiya  20-226773
m/s raghavendra medicals an  20-156010
m/s. patil surgicals,  20B-226743
m/s. raj drugs & surgicals  20B-BNG/2/1555
m/s. shiva ganesh medicals,  20-153606
mahaveer medicare ( c & f m  20B-226775
mathru pharma  20-226761
monitha medicals  20-KA/MDY/20/412
nainegali medical and gener  20-152378
nidee medicals  20-226749
pioneer distributors  20B-155239
pradhan mantri bharatiya ja  20-154429
pradhan mantri bharatiya ja  20-154432
pradhan mantri bharatiya ja  20-154698
raj medicals and general st  20-226741
reliance retail limited  20-226755
saptagiri surgicals and pha  20B-226747
sharada medicals  20-155060
shree matoshree medical and  ---
shree nandi medicals  20-226789
shree venkateshwara surgica  20-226777
sj medical stores  20-226745
skls oxygen cylinders and l  20B-226795
sri basaveshwara traders me  20-154815
sri ekadanta medical and ge  20-105265
sri gurudatta medical & gen  20-226737
sri renuka medicals and gen  20-226751
sri renukadevi medicals & g  20-226739
sri sugureshwara medical ag  20B-155002
sri veerabhadreshwara medic  20-226757
sri venkateshwara medical  20-226771
suraksha healthcare  20B-226791
y.s.v medicals  20-226753
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To strive for pharmaceutical excellence and health for all by ensuring the availability of safe, effective and quality drugs and Cosmetics to the public and to endeavor to empower our Drugs Control Department, Karnataka as one of the best regulatory agency in the Country and pool into all sincere efforts to place State of Karnataka on the global map as one of the best drugs regulatory institution.


The Mission of the Drugs Control Department, Karnataka is to protect the public health by effectively and efficiently supporting the Health Care Quality Section and the Environmental and Consumer Safety Section in their regulatory activities.

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